Original Dueple Manufactured Sock Close Up

Shaped for feet and ribbed for life, we strive for the purest form of self-expression. Founded on the pillars of Italian heritage using an exceptional double cylinder method, combined with attention to detail, and an emphasis on style & high quality yarn. Dueple is destined to color the world and brighten your day. Achieving originality through various collaborations with artists, photographers, musicians and writers, a collective of imaginative individuals and groups that share our vision to an elevated creation. Dedicated to *ALL, we have selected thirty-one colors juxtaposing each apparel, making sure anything you wear will be matched by Dueple – head to toe.

*ALL: Every person on the planet seeking for an original form of self-expression.


Dueple Factory In Turkey


Our method of fabrication is one that is exceptional and is the only way to achieve the excellence we are committed to. Using double cylinders machines allows the production of a true rib which in turn makes for extraordinary socks combining flexibility and comfort.

We begin by choosing the highest quality cotton ‘Giza 88’ which is picked in Egypt and processed in Italy. Through the method of mercerization, it is passed through a flame at high speed in order to eliminate any stray surface and loose fibers, allowing you to enjoy socks which are smoother, softer and fluff-free. The threads which wrap your feet will be undeniably stronger and will have a lustrous appearance and shine. This process also impacts the color which will be significantly richer, brighter and deeper with an ability to withstand multiple washes whilst keeping its original tone and glow. In addition, our fabrics over go an anti-bacterial treatment and wicking treatment that draws moisture away from the body keeping the socks dry for supreme comfort. All together with our extensive knowledge we produce only the finest socks. Your feet will surely know the difference and thank us for our meticulous choices.

Yarn composition:

Cotton, Fine gauge - 79% Mercerized Cotton 18% polyamide 3% Elastane
Cotton, Regular gauge - 70% Mercerized Cotton 28% polyamide 2% Elastane
Wool - 79% Merino Wool, 20% Nylon, 1% Elastane


Assuring Quality In Production


Dueple founder Nathan Levy started with an aspiration to create a flawless product, to be worn and enjoyed by all. He is a firm believer in the fabrication of double cylinder machines and is passionate to bring this method back to life. For over 32 years he has been involved in all aspects of the industry; from sourcing and R&D development to marketing, consulting and acting CEO of one of the leading brands in the market, all acquiring him a title of master in his field. Driven by pure ambition Dueple was created with a strong vision in mind – "we can do it better".

In order to turn the dream into reality he joined forces with a long legacy factory, one of the biggest and most advanced in the world – Alpin, a family business located in Istanbul which can only be described as a pioneer of manufacturing, always growing and seeking for new and innovative ways to excel. Therefore Dueple is made with such accuracy it passes all requirements of world regulation with flying colors.

Partner and creative director Yaara Agnon is the force behind the creative collaborations, pushing for originality and hand picking artists that contribute to the establishment of Dueple as a top quality brand. The product holds within it all the knowledge, love and experience Nathan and Yaara acquired, a product they are honored to stand behind and call their own.



We have developed a line of pressure free socks, dedicated for diabetics, pregnant women, frequent flyers, or anyone who struggles with blood circulation.

Wider at the top than our traditional socks, the style provides a gentler grip with all the same fabulous Dueple details.


We produce the highest quality of socks, while focusing on durability.
To take extra care of your socks, you can keep these few things in mind:

- Wash the socks turned inside out
- We recommend air-drying to extend the life of the sock
- Do not bleach
- In drawer, fold. don’t roll (rolling them into balls can distort their shape)
- Keep them together: A single sock can break your heart.

For your cotton socks -
Wash with 40° Celsius / 104° Fahrenheit

For your wool socks -
- Machine - wash on gentle cycle in warm or cool water (hot water may cause the socks to shrink)
- Do not put in the dryer, this may cause them to shrink
- Use mild soap, without bleach or fabric softener

* Wool socks don’t have to be washed as often as other socks, they are odor resistant and by letting them air overnight you might want to wear them again the day after.



Dueple's socks are unisex and they come in 4 sizes, for a perfect fit

Euro 35 - 37 38 - 40 41 - 43 44 - 46
UK 2.5 - 4 5 - 7 7.5 - 9 9.5 - 11
US W 4.5 - 6 7 - 9.5 10 - 12 12 - 13.5
US M 3 - 5 6 - 7.5 8 - 10 11 - 13
21.5 - 22.9 23.7 - 25 25.4 - 27.2 27.6 - 29

The SWIIT socks should fit comfortably up to 16 inch around the calf.

We knit custom made sizes - please contact us


All of our socks are manufactured in Istanbul and meet quality and humanitarian standards.